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Here's what people are saying about "BIG DEAL". Visit our STORE or anywhere you buy and stream your music to get your copy today!

"Make no mistake, this is a very special album because it is able to appeal to country music fans who may not be familiar with the Western Swing genre but also contains twists and arrangements to seriously impress those who are." - Chris Smith, Country Music People Magazine

"...this record is good clean fun from beginning to end, and the playing is first rate.  If you love Western Swing, you're going to love this." - Roots Music Canada

"...wistful tales, old school country heartbreak, and graceful harmonies...a toe tapping delight." - Rebecca Mattina,  Canadian Beats

"A fantastic CD!" - Mike Gross, Swingin' West

"The disc lives up to it's title...Well crafted originals nestled alongside some classic tunes." - Kerry Doole, FYI Music News 

"The Western Swing Authority might be the most aptly-named band around." - Neil MacDonald - KW Record

"...delivered in an incredibly fun, infectious and accessible yet traditional manner, with a little more exposure the WSA could be the act to bring Western Swing to a 21st century audience. Here's hoping!" - Western Red, If That Ain't Country